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The bilateral cooperation project Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SGREEE) supports the Government of Viet Nam in the implementation of its SGRM with the immediate aim to (i) facilitate the integration of an increasing share of RE as well as (ii) enable advanced demand-response and demand-side energy efficiency measures by way of introducing intelligent grid solutions. The project aims to support the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Viet Nam (ERAV) and other involved stakeholders to increase their regulatory, methodological and technological capacities related to the development of Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Therefore, SGREEE comprises of three Action Areas: (1) building and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework; (2) fostering capacity development; and (3) promoting technology cooperation in the field of Smart Grid.

In the framework of this technical assistance, RCEE – NIRAS has executed the local support to develop detailed - solutions (short-term, medium-term, long-term) for congestion management in order to reduce the risk of curtailment of RE power plants compatible to Viet Nam Power System and Power Market. RCEE – NIRAS experts have carried out an assessment of current Vietnam’s Power Grid (by studying provided already available grid assessment and monitoring reports/supporting documents of Grid status at hot-spots regions   including current operating/dispatching procedures/regulations with respect to RE curtailment; a review on regulations of RE’s FIT (including PPA), electricity tariff, regulations on Power Development planning and RE-related market-based services (i.e. ancillary, power balancing ect.) in order to later on recommend improvement for congestion management compatible to Viet Nam. Also, the experts have supported international expert to assess an overview of relevant proven international best practices (on congestion management with respect to RE development including analysis and compilation of internationally proven regulations (applicable to Vietnam’s characteristics), in order to later on recommend further relevant improvements with purpose of reducing RE curtailment.

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