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Under the framework of the project “Strategic sector study and subject pipeline Development for Improving Energy Efficiency (EE) with integrated Ozone and Climate Benefits - VEEIE – Food processing Industry”, the enterprises will be supported to conduct the detailed energy audit program, establish the feasibility study report for the EE subproject, and approach the banks which have joined the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Financing for Industrial Enterprises (VEEIEs) project to get the soft loans from World Bank. After selecting the factories according to specific criteria  of food processing, NIRAS Vietnam team has conducted detailed Energy Audit at Song Con Sugarcane & Sugar JSC., and Lam Son Sugarcane & Sugar JSC., from the 6th to the 11th of April 2016.

The purpose of this program is to:

-       Assess the overall status of energy and fuel consumption,

-       Identify the potential areas for Energy Efficiency (EE) in factories,

-       Suggest Energy Efficiency (EE) and fuel saving measures to companies,

-       Calculate the economic and environmental effects of the suggested measures.

During the auditing program, both parties discussed and mutually agreed on some potential EE solutions, specifically:

1. EE measures which can be applied at Song Con Sugarcane & Sugar JSC

a.    Replace the current turbine used for electricity generation by a high performance one,

b.    Replace the steam turbine in pressing process by an electric one,

c.     Invest in high performance electric transformer,

d.    Prevent the steam and heat leaks.

2. EE measures which can be applied at Lam Son Sugarcane & Sugar JSC

a.    Improve the efficiency of the sugar cane juice extraction process by installing additional machines:  either 01 pressing machine  or 01 mill machine  placing after the current pressing-out system,

b.    Use the exhaust heat from the boiler to preheat the bagasse before entering the boiler,

c.     Renovate the combustor by increasing its height and restrict the fire grate (more expensive),

d.    Reduce the heat leaking to the environment by insulating some areas (lightly insulated or not yet insulated),

e.    Improve the use of waste heat to reduce the amount of steam used, and thus save bagasse for power generation,

f.     Enhance the operating capability for the technicians working in the cooking process.

Data related to the energy performance of equipment have been collected to calculate the potential for EE improvement and finish the energy audit report. As most of the Energy Efficiency (EE) measures listed above are related to technology, the expert team will continue working closely with the factories’ technicians to ensure the accuracy of the calculations.

NIRAS Vietnam experts will make available draft Report of the energy audit  to the company within planned schedule to discuss and mutually agree on the final report.  

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